how to match high heels?

how to match high heels?

There is only one topic to discuss today: how to match high heels?



1.Wear stilettos with leg-lengthening garments, such as pencil skirts and slim-fit pants.Stilettos give the impression of being longer and make your legs look longer and more attractive.

2.To expand your options, choose shoes with a lower heel, such as mid-heels.Mid heels are great for the office as well as for nights out.

3.Avoid strappy heels if you have short legs.These straps will make your legs appear shorter.

4.If your legs are relatively short, do not wear high heels over 10 cm.Super high heels will tighten your calf muscles and make your legs look less slender.

5.If you have large feet, you should choose round toe or square toe heels.

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