to my best friends

to my best friends

My dear friends

This is my first time writing, but it contains my sincerity and gratitude. It has been almost 2 years since I opened the shop. I'm glad to have you my friends

How long has the store been online?

It seems to be December 2021, almost 2 years

At that time, what was our idea of ​​opening the store?

Handmade shoes are too expensive. There are many beautiful shoes on the market, but the quality and comfort are really bad. For our old craftsmen who have been making shoes for more than ten years, this is a very unacceptable thing, and we have to Paying a very expensive price to buy the shoes I like, for me, I hope to buy more comfortable and textured shoes for less money。

And so we were born. Walking comfortably every day in my favorite shoes is a wonderful thing. I don't pursue famous brands, but I have a heart yearning for famous brands. I have high requirements for texture。

Since we decided to do this thing, many friends love them as much as I do. I'm really happy because I did it right, although I was also in pain during the process, because the process of handmade shoes is very painful. It's complicated, but my friends are understanding, willing to wait and give me affirmation. At that moment, I felt that all my hard work was worth it.

Of course, I want more than that, because I hope that more people can buy the best shoes with the least money, which is what I am most looking forward .


What will I do next?

We will prepare some mysterious little gifts for friends who come to our store to buy many times. Are you looking forward to it?

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